The KBB Course Review -Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson worth it?

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KBB Review

Building an empire of a business is the dream of almost any person around the world. This has made many people seek assistance from the many entrepreneurship programs out there in the world. One such program is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint method (KBB). How does this program help you to grow your business or any entrepreneurship skills? Below is a KBB method review outlining everything you need to know about this program.

What is the KBB Method about?

Have you ever considered venturing into a knowledge-based business? The Knowledge Broker Blueprint offers practical steps to get you started. If you are yet to make up your mind about whether or not to venture in the knowledge industry, it is important that I remind you that knowledge business such as online courses, masterminds, and membership sites generate over $355 million daily in revenue.

That’s why Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Russell Brunson came together to create a comprehensive course that teaches people how to build a knowledge business.

In this Knowledge Broker Blueprint review, we will focus on what this course is all about, and the modules included.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is a course meant to teach you how to grow your business by using the power of masterminds and the knowledge within you. The advice offered in this course can be used to propel business at any level to greater heights. It is the desire of every person to succeed, and KBB formula gives every person an equal opportunity to succeed.

KBB is not like any other program you find out there in the market. It provides solutions to problems you will most likely face in your daily business operation. The method helps you to understand yourself and extract knowledge you may not know you have and could go a long way in building your business.

The primary emphasis of KBB is the creation of mastermind groups from where one can easily get solutions to problems hindering them from attaining their business goals. You can also use your expertise and followers that you get by creating mastermind groups to get profits by convincing them to the software that this course comes with. The software, Mindmint, is used to handle all the logistics involved in forming and running a mastermind group.

Who is behind the KBB Method?

KBB was developed by three renowned American entrepreneurs who used the strategies they are recommending in the course to build an empire worth billions of dollars. This makes the formula unique from the ordinary programs you find in the market that promise heaven but deliver nothing. The three brains behind this entrepreneurship program are;

Tony Robbins He is an author, philanthropist, business strategist, and an entrepreneur. Tony uses seminars and self-help books to keep people inspired in their business journey. Despite being such successful, Tony still saw the need to team up with other like-minded individuals something that has pushed him to heights he couldn’t get on his own.

Dean Graziosi – Dean is a person who knows how to build success. His entrepreneurship journey is an inspiring one where he started with a firewood business, then ventured into the collision repair shop before closing his first deal in real estate at the age of 20. Dean has since then risen to become one of the renowned real estate entrepreneur attracting a huge following in his real estate TV show. The obsession with helping others succeed is what drove Dean to team up with other like-minded individuals to develop something that would help people around the world. Visit Dean’s site here

Russell Brunson – Russell’s speciality is in internet marketing and his expertise what people need to sell their business. He teamed up with Dean and Tony to equip with people with strategies that would help them sell their ideas to others and even convince them to buy the Mindmint software hence increase their profits.

The three experts teamed up to form a strong entrepreneurship team that has managed to build an empire generating millions of dollars in profits. They are advising people to use something that they have tried and yielded positive results for them.

What is the basis or concept behind KBB Method?

This course, which is often abbreviated as KBB, was initially called the Knowledge Business Blueprint. However, it has been renamed  KBB 2.0 or the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, after getting updated.

The course shows you how you can start a knowledge-based business in three ways;

  • Create a mastermind
  • Share knowledge through a workshop
  • Start a membership group

In KBB Method 2.0, Dean, Tony, and Russell have tackled all the major roadblocks you can encounter as a mastermind creator. In most cases, it may feel overwhelming or lost about where to start and what you need when starting a knowledge-based business, but this course gives you a practical way to get started and succeed.

Dean, Tony, and Russell exhibit how powerful a team of like-minded individuals can be. You will learn how to make build a lucrative business and profit out of the mastermind groups you create.

Surrounding yourself with successful people will equip you with what you need to become successful. You will have solutions to the problems you may be encountering with your business since you are interacting with people with varying expertise. The concept of KBB model is not only oriented to end results but also helps in self-development.

How Does the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course Work?

This self-educating system works together with a Mindmint software in helping you to build impactful masterminds. Through KBB, you will learn how to identify your expertise and prospective customers systematically. You will be able to extract knowledge and share with others and get profits in return.

The model will also give you marketing strategies that will help you in selling your idea to others and also convince more people to buy the software which means more profits for you. Through KBB, you will learn how to organise an event successfully, attract clients, and share knowledge hence gets more profits.

Mindmint software comes with this course to help you run things smoothly. Through this software, you can shape your events and come up with an agenda by simply dragging and dropping in the Event Builder. Your events will not be prone to interruptions because of the pre-loaded event checklist that is fitted in the software.

Monitoring your sales is easy courtesy of the customer tracking and sales tools that the software provides. Marketing is also simplified since you have a website builder loaded with webpage and email templates to get the job done. Given the guidance, you get from the KBB and the features from the software, you will not be required to have any special skills to get the ball rolling. That is the best thing with this program unlike most of the programs out there that will require your effort, time, and money to yield any results and may sometimes fail you.

What Is Inside the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

This course is divided into six modules, with each module having different lessons covered. Remember that it is detailed, but simplified to make it easier for you to digest the knowledge shared.

Here is a summary of the modules and the lessons discussed;

Module 1- Mindset Mastery

This module shares secrets and strategies used by Tony and Dean in creating successful mastermind groups from scratch. It has many informative videos that teach you the steps involved in creating and running mastermind groups.

Some of the things you will learn here include;

  • Key takeaways from Tony Robbins success stories
  • How to select a niche to target based on your skills and also how to select your ideal target audience that will benefit from your knowledge
  • How to run successful mastermind using the triangle model used by Dean and Tony
  • The tools you need to run successful events. These are the same tools used by Dean and Tony
  • How to make the best out of the MindMint software to organize your agenda

Here are the lessons you will find in this module;

Lesson 1- 5 Keys to Progress and Avoid Failure

In this lesson, you learn how to feed your mind and body with positive thoughts. You will also get real-life lessons from role models like Tony Robbins.

Lesson 2- Transformational Vocabulary

Here, you learn what it takes to succeed, including how to get an elite mentality that leads to success, and much more.

Lesson 3- Million Success Habits

Successful people have certain traits that make them successful. You will learn these habits and traits that will help you unleash your inner power and kill the inner villain. Success begins with a mindset, and this what you learn in this lesson.

Lesson 4- How to Design a Course or Talk

Here, you will learn how to turn your thoughts and ideas into a course or a sensible talk that influences people.

In this module, you will get call to actions that aim to evaluate if you have understood the important things discussed in this guide.

Module 2- Extraction and Discovery.

In this module, you will learn how to come up with your unique proposition so that you can stand out. This will be your superpower. You will know how to identify your ideal audience and prospects who will be ready to follow your teachings.

In addition to this, you will learn the tools to use to train and drive your agenda with ease. This module also touches on teaching techniques to use so that you can make your events successful.

Here are the four lessons covered;

Lesson 1- Your Ideal Client

Here, you will learn how to spot your ideal client and those not to target. You will also be taught how to be unique so that you can stand out. In this lesson, you will get a niche tool you can use to further narrow down your target audience.

Lesson 2- Story-Teach-Tool

This lesson stresses more about the art of storytelling. People like stories, and you learn how to drive your point through stories. It also touches on how to extract knowledge from your skills and expertise so that you can teach your group members.

Lesson 3- Your Tool Box part 1

You get to learn how to use the Clarity Tool and also the pointers that show you are becoming successful. You will also be taught the things you shouldn’t do.

Lesson 4- Your Toolbox- Part 2

This lesson teaches about the Spotlight Tool as well as Wrap Up Tool and Connection Tool. Other valuable lessons you will find here include how to negotiate with prospects and how to come up with ideas for your group discussions.

Module 3- Marketing Mastery

As the title suggests, you get to learn about marketing your mastermind group to the right audience as well as your courses through various platforms.

Here are the lessons you will find in this module;

Lesson 1- Becoming a Marketing expert

Tony and Dean redefine the rules of sales and marketing for you as well as mastermind marketing philosophy.

Lesson 2- Mastermind Funnel Blueprint

Here you will learn when to use a website and when to use sales funnels. Also, the authors teach you the art of charging wisely for your events and how you can create landing pages.

Lesson 3- The Different Pages

In this lesson, you are taught the pages not to lack when marketing your mastermind group, including the order page and application page.

Lesson 4- The Launch Secrets

You get to learn the tricks of launching your events, including live and evergreen events.

Module 4- Generating the Right Leads

In this module, you get the secrets of the platform to target and how to do it right.

Lesson 1- The Wagon Wheel of Marketing

Here, you are taught about the components of a marketing wagon wheel and also copy-writing tips.

Lesson 2- How to get 100 perfect fans

This lesson covers more on how to set a foundation and how to gain momentum.

Lesson 3- Social Media and Free Traffic

Social media is a powerful platform to use in your marketing and can be a great source of free traffic. You will learn how to get free traffic on social media.

Lesson 4- Spending Money on Ads

Paid traffic is sometimes helpful, especially when you are launching an event or starting out. You will be taught how to kill it on Facebook and YouTube.

Lesson 5- What’s Next to Scale

After you have exhausted your marketing options, you should think of email marketing. You will learn the basics of email marketing here.

Module 5- Running Your Event

This is where things begin to get practical.

Lesson 1- The perfect Mastermind Formula where you learn the psychology of running a successful mastermind.

Lesson 2- Virtual Event Checklists. This lesson reveals the secrets of running a virtual event and also setting up events with Zoom.

Lesson 3- In-Person Event

All that you need to organize in-person events, including choosing the ideal location, room preparation, event logistics, etc. You will also learn how to hold the perfect in-person event.

Lesson 4- Last Steps and Thank You

This lesson covers how to sign out from your events in style and how to thank your members the right way so that they can feel appreciated.

Module 6- Knowledge Consultant and Reporter

This is the last module, and it covers things like how to be a knowledge consultant, how to create a winning strategy, and how to get a YES from your target clients.

As you can see, this is a detailed course. But the good thing is that it is written in a step-by-step way and divided into lessons to make it easier for you to understand its content.

Final Thoughts: Should You Get The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course?

Success requires preparation, knowledge, and work, and the first two requirements are already presented to you through this course. It is up to you to put what is discussed in KBB 2.0 to work so that you can set up your own information-based business.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a course we can recommend to anyone who possesses knowledge or skill that can help someone else. It will teach you how to sell your own knowledge.

What’s more, it is created by three respected life coaches and authors, and thus you can rest assured that it is packed with valuable knowledge.



Knowledge Broker Blueprint can be what you have been looking to get your business growing. With this model, you will not only meet new people but also interact with them which will expand your knowledge and expertise.

The more knowledgeable one is, the easier it is to handle common problems hindering businesses from thriving. When you decide to use this method, you need to remember it is not a magic button to grow your business overnight. Your dedication and effort will be required to give you success.



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