11 Best Word Games for iOS 2022

Are you looking for Word Games to exercise your brain and improve your vocabulary and spelling? Well, there’s no shortage of word games, and you can find them in different forms – some you can play alone while others with friends.

After scouring the internet and analyzing tens of games, we settled on 11 games for iPhone and iPad users. Keep reading to see our top picks for the best word games for iOS users.


Word Collect game has over 2500 levels involving solving word puzzles. The beginning is easy, but it gets increasingly challenging as you climb up the levels. The game involves swiping letters to match a legible word.

The more words you form, the faster you proceed to the next level and earn bonus rewards. You can use these bonus rewards as coins when you want hints if you hit a dead wall.

Word Collect offers a fun way of passing time while improving your vocabulary and spelling. You can play it offline, and the game is free, but in-app purchases start from $0.99.


Wordscapes offers you a platform where you can showcase your prowess in discovering hidden words, crosswords, and anagrams. The good thing with this word game for iPhone is that it has impressive backgrounds.

While the first few levels are easy, things get more challenging as you ramp up. The game is free, but in-app purchases start from $0.99.


The Word Search Pro will appeal more to classical word search puzzle lovers. Swipe to find words in a jumbled table of letters. The good thing is that there are pleasing colors for every word match to enhance the gaming experience.

As with virtually all word games, the Word Search Pro starts easy and proceeds to more difficult levels. The game is free, but in-app purchases start from $1.99.


If you’d like to improve your spelling and English while having fun, Alphabear gives you that platform. You’ll be given a name, and a bear appears when you use adjacent letters. Earn more points by spelling words rights.

Alphabear enhances the experience by making the words you spell appear in funny cartoons. Also, there are attractive backgrounds to help your mind relax. The game is free, but you can get in-app purchases starting from $4.99.


For those aspiring to become editors, this game gives you a challenge whereby you find and fix typos in manuscripts. The Zen mode as you edit the poorly written manuscripts helps you relax as you test your mastery of the English language.

You’ll find manuscripts in different categories, including non-fiction, romance, crime, etc. This game is free, although you’ll find in-app purchases starting from $0.99.


The WordBrain game will appeal to you if you like solving word puzzles. In this game, you find hidden words by sliding your finger over them. The letters collapse once you match a word.

WordBrain has over 1660 levels and comes

in 15 languages. Stay entertained while improving your vocabulary by solving endless puzzles in this game.



Would you want to learn a foreign language in a fun way? The Sticky Terms game is a puzzle game that requires players to organize disorganized parts of a word. Once you line up the word in the correct form, you’re given its meaning. The game gives your mind a challenge while still educating you. You can learn a lot in this game. Sticky Terms is a free game.


Word Cookies is one of the best word games for iOS and gives you challenging tasks to solve word puzzles. The game requires you to form as many words as possible by swiping the alphabet cookies. Fill up a cookie jar as you ramp up over 2000 levels. The game is free, but in-app purchases start from $0.99. The game has recently introduced the daily puzzle which offers you puzzles to solve on a daily basis in addition to the main puzzles.


There are thousands of words to be solved and over 4.600 levels to be completed in this game, making Word Crossy one of the most challenging games for iOS users.

You’ll find a dictionary in this game to help sharpen your mastery of the English language. The unique backgrounds and serene tunes relax your mind as you solve complex word puzzles.


If you’re looking for a game that allows you to show off your spelling prowess to your friends, Words with Friends is ideal. You can even find a word puzzle opponent using the Smart Match feature.

The more crossword puzzles you crack, the higher you climb on the ranking board. Words with Friends is a free game. Use it to enhance your word skills and spelling while still having fun.


The game involves swiping letters to form legible words. Exercise your brain and improve your vocabulary by solving puzzles as you climb up the levels. The wooden block backgrounds give the game a vintage vibe, and the best part is that you can choose from eleven cool themes to customize your gaming experience.

Have you played any of the above word games on your iPad or iPhone? Please share your experience with us in the comment box.