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The Kibo Code Overview

The Kibo Code is the latest online marketing product of Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth becoming available soon. Time to bring you “The Kibo Code Overview” to comprehend what this famous e-commerce couple have to offer.

What Is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code originates from a Japanese store in the heart of Tokyo. The marketing strategy of this company is to display as many products in their stores as possible. They keep track of all the products they sell. The products with the highest sales numbers are placed next to the busiest walkways to catch as much attention from customers as possible. The sales of these products skyrocketed into hugely successful numbers. As a matter of fact, the sales numbers for the whole store has been amazing since implementing this marketing strategy. Aiden Booth & Steve Clayton adopted the marketing strategy of this brick and mortar store and transformed it into an online marketing product to drive sales of online stores.

The founders of the

The Kibo Code is the newest product of Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth. Together, they have launched several successful online marketing products adding to their credibility. Steve Clayton was the former vice president of a Fortune 500 company. Aiden Booth has helped more than 1500 websites to create constant cashflow. Former online marketing products of both gentlemen have been well received. They use and test the online marketing products they create in the online stores they own themselves with enormous success. They have made millions in the online stores they own. The best credentials you can create for your product is using your own product with very profitable results. Because, why would you buy a product to boost sales if the creators don’t believe it is good enough for their own business. Now they will launch their newest product the Kobe Code, so you can run your online store like Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth.

The Kibo Code Package

Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth will guide all their students in a live, online course of 8 weeks toward mastering the Kobe Code business model and utilizing the Kobe Code software. The step-by-step training makes it easy for students to fully grasp all the concepts, knowledge, skills and tools needed to boost the sales of your online store immediately. The system and software of the Kobe Code are easy to use. Many owners of online businesses struggle with the technical knowledge needed to maximize potential and therefore maximize the sales. Furthermore, many parts of the process are automated, so that business owners can save a lof time, and focus on the most important parts of their business.

The database of the software can deal with 3 million products. All the products within the database already demonstrated to be profitable by extensive testing for 12 months. The whole trial and error process, online store owners have to get through at first, is already done for you and implemented in the software. Which means from the get-go you can start making profits. An easy template is used to manage the list of products in your store.

One of the most important aspects of a successful online store is increasing traffic to make conversions. Even if you have excellent, profitable products in your store but no traffic, you are not gonna make a dime. Of course, Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth have included affordable, instant techniques to increase the traffic to your store. No one wants to spend a lot of money on marketing or simply waiting to slowly gain a bit of traffic and therefore sales. The techniques they will teach you are making your store quickly profitable and busy with customers.

To make your store successful in the long run you can mark the products that are doing well and also tag the products which seem to be out of fashion. Making it easy to change your inventory when sales will diminish on certain products and boost your sales once again by picking new products that are becoming popular.

Overall every aspect of growing a successful e-commerce business is discussed extensively within the training. Because of the live nature of the training, you can ask all questions that come up during the course to comprehend each aspect of the training, and growing a profitable online store afterward.

Do you need an inventory?

The great thing is that you do not need to have any inventory to start selling products. A customer orders a product in your online store. You will ask the supplier to send the product directly to the customer. The customer got the product and is happy, the supplier sold a product because of your store and is happy, and you earn the mark-up on the product and are happy. All the suppliers in the database are reliable American suppliers you can trust. It will be easy for you to manage the risk of damaged products, undelivered items, and other problems that could hurt your trustworthiness towards your customers. In general, the blueprint of the software you will work with takes care of so many aspects. Running an e-commerce store can be done by anyone with common sense when using the software of the Kobe Code. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth put all their e-commerce knowledge into this promising product.

Is the value of the Kobe Code worth the price tag?

The price tag of the full package is $3497 or 4 installments of $997. This might seem like a lot of money for someone who did not start a business yet or has an online store without any sales. You can find a lot of free or cheap information on the web about e-commerce. Unfortunately, this info is not very applicable to make your store become a success. A lot of information is too general, not focused on your challenge, and much of the info going around does not come from people with the credentials and business success to back up their “advice”.

When you want to become successful, find people who are already successful in the same business. They already took down all the barriers you still have to deal with. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth are these people. When it comes to investing in your business you have to ask yourself the question “Will I make back the investment?”. With Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth and the Kobe Code making back your investment of $3497 will be easy with some common sense and persistence. Any business owner with more experience knows that an investment of $3497 is not much to increase traffic, conversion, sales, and profits in the e-commerce business.

Is the Kobe Code a legit product?

In 2017, Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth launched the 100k factory online marketing program. The program became a huge success, with many students making profits of up to $100,000 a year after following the 100k factory program. This is just one of many examples of Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth helping others in building a profitable e-commerce business. The Kobe Code is without a doubt a legit product that will deliver value for e-commerce entrepreneurs. How profitable your business can grow will probably be more dependent on your passion and drive to make your business a huge success, than on the quality of the Kobe Code. No matter how good your tools, without drive, passion, and common sense no one will ever grow a business into a successful venture.

Is there any protection for buyers of the Kibo Code com start?

Every student has the option to return the whole package within 30 days and get back the full amount of $3497. The owners stated that you can try out everything the Kobe Code package has to offer. You can watch training modules, use the software and any other parts of the package. If you are not completely satisfied simply return the product, get your money back, without any questions asked. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth are 100% behind the Kobe Code. They have so much trust in their product, that they simply expect all genuinely interested students to be completely satisfied with the Kobe Code. Furthermore, customers are protected by Clickbank’s 60-day money-back guarantee.


Kibo Code is a very promising product from two e-commerce business experts. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth have the credentials in this kind of business to support the confidence in their product. For such a complete package the price tag of $3497 is very reasonable. The return on the investment will be high when you pursue your dreams with passion and persistence. The training and software of the Kibo Code make it possible to build a profitable e-commerce business without any prior experience. The software is extensively tested with great results and created with all the knowledge Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth have of managing an online business. I am very excited about the Kibo Code and advise any serious entrepreneur to dive into the Kibo Code as well. Everyone has to discover for himself if this is the product you were waiting for.


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