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LCS2 Review

Are you an aspiring digital marketer searching for new opportunities to expand your online business and get more revenue? We all know how tiresome it is to establish an online business and get success? Your wait is over now! Lead Converter Squared or LSC2 is being launched on September 28, 2020, to help you boost your business. No matter if you have the experience or not, and own a small or big business, Lead Conversion Squared is going to help your business generate more leads and bring more clients in real-time!

Are you thinking about what this LCS2 is? It is a CRM based efficient digital marketing software that helps to grow your business and generate more leads within no time! If you are feeling interested to know more about this efficient and dynamic program, this in-depth LCS2 review can be your great help. You can also join the 3-days live master classes on Lead Conversion Squared, and you are on your way to building your thriving online business!


As already said, LCS2 is a CRM based program, specially designed for digital marketers for successful lead conversion by suggesting better and effective tactics to make your business more robust and stand out among the pack online! It is the rocket fuel of the newly built or established business that gives users ample time for themselves by increasing their sales within a blink of an eye!

You will find many programs to help you out there, but LCS2, the best digital marketing tool of 2020, that ensures the sustainability of the leads you get from it.


Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are the legends behind turning a dream in the past into a reality today! After having tremendous success in the early career in the telecom industry, Daven Michaels, accompanied by Chad Nicely, has come up with LCS2, the prompt tool to manage the marketing and sales sector of your business of any size and shape.

Daven Michaels, being a successful entrepreneur, has established three companies by his 30s. Nicely started his career with his website design firm and now is the successful owner of a digital marketing based blog. They are the name of legends in the arena of the digital industry, and LCS2 is nothing but the reflection of their combined knowledge and experience.

If you want a fool-proof system that can serve your business for now and in the coming future, Lead Generation Squared is the one for you!


To be precise with this answer, yes! The 3-days long live master class on the to-be-launched Lead Generation Squared will break through all you should know for making your online business successful from scratch. The classes will start on the 28th of September, revealing all the essential steps to utilize the LCS2 tool effectively and expand your business in real-time, staying at home!

The 3-days long masterclasses will also come with some wondrous bonuses:

  • Learn everything about the LCS2 system
  • Lear and get everything you should have for starting your business from home
  • Get instant access to the private community for building a healthy business relationship and making more profit.
  • Get private membership to attend their training instantly
  • VIP bundle bonuses!



Lead Conversion Squared assists you in building good relationships with potential clients and provides you the strategies to make them your regular buyers. We all know how businesses struggle to attract customers and ensure they make purchases. Again, they aim to hold the buyers to their businesses.

LCS2 software assists you in maintaining and pursuing your relationship with the possible or existing buyers. You can also automate the customer conversion system with this program, thus conserve your energy and time. Let’s get insight into the constituents of the software. With this super-attractive tool, you are getting the automatic message and email follow-ups, sales funnel, a tagging program, and whatnot! The software also lets you gather and trace the details of your leads on a converting landing page and facilitates the way of creating the email list of your loyal clients.

In a nutshell, Lead Conversion Squared is a complete system that enables you to design a responsive business by converting the generated leads successfully. No matter what issue you face while generating and converting leads for your business, the skilled and helpful virtual assistant is always there by you on your way to boost your profit! Thus LCS2 is a one-in-one package that smoothens your way to touch the height you desire.


To be precise, this cloud-based Lead Conversion Squared contains three constituents. Let’s go in deep what this tool includes:


The customers of the Lead Conversion Squared will get the reseller license to the CRM software. It is responsive, powerful, and includes all essential features to improve the quality of your business. The digital marketers have designed it to match the needs of any business, irrespective of its size and type.


High converting lead magnet is one of the significant features of the Lead Converting Squared that ensures the success of your digital marketing strategy. With the program, you are getting automated message follow-ups, sales funnel, and many more, but to ensure you are getting the best out of these features, you need lead magnets.

With LCS2, you are getting lead magnets in templates and have the opportunity to personalize the pages you sign-up. You can also bring changes to your digital business cards, leave customized videos for new leads, and many more! Thus you can attract more buyers and let your business appear more dependable and professional online, turning the cold traffic into your trustworthy customers.


Ongoing lead flow is another significant part of the software that makes the get LCS2 the most sophisticated lead converting system around the world! It offers its clients a pre-trained and skilled V.A for assistance. Thus businesses can complete the sales funnel, leading to generate above 1000 leads in a month successfully!


The features the programs exhibit shows how helpful it is to broaden your digital marketing scheme and boost sales. Some of the marvelous features of LCS2 include:


Whether you are an experienced digital marketer or a newbie in this sector, you will face no issue while following this super-effective software. Anyone interested to use LCS2 can promptly understand and use it conveniently. Its easy interface will make the tedious work of digital marketing easygoing.

The 3-day long free master class is also there to give you an in-depth overview of the program.


While starting an online business, anyone can get overwhelmed, thinking about which product can bring more revenue. What if someone expert does this research along with you? LCS2 suggests the most reliable goods that can be viable to kick off your first online business. Making the marketing straightforward and user-friendly, Lead Conversion Squared helps you choose the perfect niche and design your business.


Getting acquainted with a brand is confronting for new companies. You need to reach people and know them about your business. Setting up a distinct tone and domain for a newly built business is significant to make people believe in you. LCS2 takes up this crucial task for you and assists you in making your business look professional and trustworthy to the customers.


Another surpassing feature of Lead Conversion Squared is its pipelines, which enable users to monitor their leads. Utilizing this pipeline generation system helps you convert more leads, get the results swiftly, keeping the process simplified.


The initial attendees of Lead Conversion Squared could promptly convert. It bears the testimony that LCS2 is worth your investment.


The purpose of Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels is to help the struggling digital marketers to get the success they desire through their business. Hence, LCS2 comes in a very affordable price range. Moreover, it is a compact program containing all digital services to fuel up your business coming in a set of three plans. The affordability of Lead Conversion Squared has made it very popular and trustworthy among the digital marketers of all walks in its initial launch.


You don’t need to bother about the monthly billing processes of the program. The software completes the billings using the implemented tools. It also generates recurring incomes!


Lead Conversion Squared is effective, owns a high conversion rate, and you can also get the suggestions of the experts out there. The software also opens up additional opportunities to expand your online business.


The in-depth review we have provided here will help you a lot in making the purchase decision. It is a reliable and efficient program that aims to help digital marketers building credibility instantly. You can know more about this helpful program once it gets launched. Attending the 3-day master class will help you keep a step forward in building or strengthening your online business and generating high-quality leads that will turn into money! Now


The KBB Course Review -Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson worth it?

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KBB 2.0 is Closing in:


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KBB Review

Building an empire of a business is the dream of almost any person around the world. This has made many people seek assistance from the many entrepreneurship programs out there in the world. One such program is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint method (KBB). How does this program help you to grow your business or any entrepreneurship skills? Below is a KBB method review outlining everything you need to know about this program.

What is the KBB Method about?

Have you ever considered venturing into a knowledge-based business? The Knowledge Broker Blueprint offers practical steps to get you started. If you are yet to make up your mind about whether or not to venture in the knowledge industry, it is important that I remind you that knowledge business such as online courses, masterminds, and membership sites generate over $355 million daily in revenue.

That’s why Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Russell Brunson came together to create a comprehensive course that teaches people how to build a knowledge business.

In this Knowledge Broker Blueprint review, we will focus on what this course is all about, and the modules included.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is a course meant to teach you how to grow your business by using the power of masterminds and the knowledge within you. The advice offered in this course can be used to propel business at any level to greater heights. It is the desire of every person to succeed, and KBB formula gives every person an equal opportunity to succeed.

KBB is not like any other program you find out there in the market. It provides solutions to problems you will most likely face in your daily business operation. The method helps you to understand yourself and extract knowledge you may not know you have and could go a long way in building your business.

The primary emphasis of KBB is the creation of mastermind groups from where one can easily get solutions to problems hindering them from attaining their business goals. You can also use your expertise and followers that you get by creating mastermind groups to get profits by convincing them to the software that this course comes with. The software, Mindmint, is used to handle all the logistics involved in forming and running a mastermind group.

Who is behind the KBB Method?

KBB was developed by three renowned American entrepreneurs who used the strategies they are recommending in the course to build an empire worth billions of dollars. This makes the formula unique from the ordinary programs you find in the market that promise heaven but deliver nothing. The three brains behind this entrepreneurship program are;

Tony Robbins He is an author, philanthropist, business strategist, and an entrepreneur. Tony uses seminars and self-help books to keep people inspired in their business journey. Despite being such successful, Tony still saw the need to team up with other like-minded individuals something that has pushed him to heights he couldn’t get on his own.

Dean Graziosi – Dean is a person who knows how to build success. His entrepreneurship journey is an inspiring one where he started with a firewood business, then ventured into the collision repair shop before closing his first deal in real estate at the age of 20. Dean has since then risen to become one of the renowned real estate entrepreneur attracting a huge following in his real estate TV show. The obsession with helping others succeed is what drove Dean to team up with other like-minded individuals to develop something that would help people around the world. Visit Dean’s site here

Russell Brunson – Russell’s speciality is in internet marketing and his expertise what people need to sell their business. He teamed up with Dean and Tony to equip with people with strategies that would help them sell their ideas to others and even convince them to buy the Mindmint software hence increase their profits.

The three experts teamed up to form a strong entrepreneurship team that has managed to build an empire generating millions of dollars in profits. They are advising people to use something that they have tried and yielded positive results for them.

What is the basis or concept behind KBB Method?

This course, which is often abbreviated as KBB, was initially called the Knowledge Business Blueprint. However, it has been renamed  KBB 2.0 or the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, after getting updated.

The course shows you how you can start a knowledge-based business in three ways;

  • Create a mastermind
  • Share knowledge through a workshop
  • Start a membership group

In KBB Method 2.0, Dean, Tony, and Russell have tackled all the major roadblocks you can encounter as a mastermind creator. In most cases, it may feel overwhelming or lost about where to start and what you need when starting a knowledge-based business, but this course gives you a practical way to get started and succeed.

Dean, Tony, and Russell exhibit how powerful a team of like-minded individuals can be. You will learn how to make build a lucrative business and profit out of the mastermind groups you create.

Surrounding yourself with successful people will equip you with what you need to become successful. You will have solutions to the problems you may be encountering with your business since you are interacting with people with varying expertise. The concept of KBB model is not only oriented to end results but also helps in self-development.

How Does the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course Work?

This self-educating system works together with a Mindmint software in helping you to build impactful masterminds. Through KBB, you will learn how to identify your expertise and prospective customers systematically. You will be able to extract knowledge and share with others and get profits in return.

The model will also give you marketing strategies that will help you in selling your idea to others and also convince more people to buy the software which means more profits for you. Through KBB, you will learn how to organise an event successfully, attract clients, and share knowledge hence gets more profits.

Mindmint software comes with this course to help you run things smoothly. Through this software, you can shape your events and come up with an agenda by simply dragging and dropping in the Event Builder. Your events will not be prone to interruptions because of the pre-loaded event checklist that is fitted in the software.

Monitoring your sales is easy courtesy of the customer tracking and sales tools that the software provides. Marketing is also simplified since you have a website builder loaded with webpage and email templates to get the job done. Given the guidance, you get from the KBB and the features from the software, you will not be required to have any special skills to get the ball rolling. That is the best thing with this program unlike most of the programs out there that will require your effort, time, and money to yield any results and may sometimes fail you.

What Is Inside the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

This course is divided into six modules, with each module having different lessons covered. Remember that it is detailed, but simplified to make it easier for you to digest the knowledge shared.

Here is a summary of the modules and the lessons discussed;

Module 1- Mindset Mastery

This module shares secrets and strategies used by Tony and Dean in creating successful mastermind groups from scratch. It has many informative videos that teach you the steps involved in creating and running mastermind groups.

Some of the things you will learn here include;

  • Key takeaways from Tony Robbins success stories
  • How to select a niche to target based on your skills and also how to select your ideal target audience that will benefit from your knowledge
  • How to run successful mastermind using the triangle model used by Dean and Tony
  • The tools you need to run successful events. These are the same tools used by Dean and Tony
  • How to make the best out of the MindMint software to organize your agenda

Here are the lessons you will find in this module;

Lesson 1- 5 Keys to Progress and Avoid Failure

In this lesson, you learn how to feed your mind and body with positive thoughts. You will also get real-life lessons from role models like Tony Robbins.

Lesson 2- Transformational Vocabulary

Here, you learn what it takes to succeed, including how to get an elite mentality that leads to success, and much more.

Lesson 3- Million Success Habits

Successful people have certain traits that make them successful. You will learn these habits and traits that will help you unleash your inner power and kill the inner villain. Success begins with a mindset, and this what you learn in this lesson.

Lesson 4- How to Design a Course or Talk

Here, you will learn how to turn your thoughts and ideas into a course or a sensible talk that influences people.

In this module, you will get call to actions that aim to evaluate if you have understood the important things discussed in this guide.

Module 2- Extraction and Discovery.

In this module, you will learn how to come up with your unique proposition so that you can stand out. This will be your superpower. You will know how to identify your ideal audience and prospects who will be ready to follow your teachings.

In addition to this, you will learn the tools to use to train and drive your agenda with ease. This module also touches on teaching techniques to use so that you can make your events successful.

Here are the four lessons covered;

Lesson 1- Your Ideal Client

Here, you will learn how to spot your ideal client and those not to target. You will also be taught how to be unique so that you can stand out. In this lesson, you will get a niche tool you can use to further narrow down your target audience.

Lesson 2- Story-Teach-Tool

This lesson stresses more about the art of storytelling. People like stories, and you learn how to drive your point through stories. It also touches on how to extract knowledge from your skills and expertise so that you can teach your group members.

Lesson 3- Your Tool Box part 1

You get to learn how to use the Clarity Tool and also the pointers that show you are becoming successful. You will also be taught the things you shouldn’t do.

Lesson 4- Your Toolbox- Part 2

This lesson teaches about the Spotlight Tool as well as Wrap Up Tool and Connection Tool. Other valuable lessons you will find here include how to negotiate with prospects and how to come up with ideas for your group discussions.

Module 3- Marketing Mastery

As the title suggests, you get to learn about marketing your mastermind group to the right audience as well as your courses through various platforms.

Here are the lessons you will find in this module;

Lesson 1- Becoming a Marketing expert

Tony and Dean redefine the rules of sales and marketing for you as well as mastermind marketing philosophy.

Lesson 2- Mastermind Funnel Blueprint

Here you will learn when to use a website and when to use sales funnels. Also, the authors teach you the art of charging wisely for your events and how you can create landing pages.

Lesson 3- The Different Pages

In this lesson, you are taught the pages not to lack when marketing your mastermind group, including the order page and application page.

Lesson 4- The Launch Secrets

You get to learn the tricks of launching your events, including live and evergreen events.

Module 4- Generating the Right Leads

In this module, you get the secrets of the platform to target and how to do it right.

Lesson 1- The Wagon Wheel of Marketing

Here, you are taught about the components of a marketing wagon wheel and also copy-writing tips.

Lesson 2- How to get 100 perfect fans

This lesson covers more on how to set a foundation and how to gain momentum.

Lesson 3- Social Media and Free Traffic

Social media is a powerful platform to use in your marketing and can be a great source of free traffic. You will learn how to get free traffic on social media.

Lesson 4- Spending Money on Ads

Paid traffic is sometimes helpful, especially when you are launching an event or starting out. You will be taught how to kill it on Facebook and YouTube.

Lesson 5- What’s Next to Scale

After you have exhausted your marketing options, you should think of email marketing. You will learn the basics of email marketing here.

Module 5- Running Your Event

This is where things begin to get practical.

Lesson 1- The perfect Mastermind Formula where you learn the psychology of running a successful mastermind.

Lesson 2- Virtual Event Checklists. This lesson reveals the secrets of running a virtual event and also setting up events with Zoom.

Lesson 3- In-Person Event

All that you need to organize in-person events, including choosing the ideal location, room preparation, event logistics, etc. You will also learn how to hold the perfect in-person event.

Lesson 4- Last Steps and Thank You

This lesson covers how to sign out from your events in style and how to thank your members the right way so that they can feel appreciated.

Module 6- Knowledge Consultant and Reporter

This is the last module, and it covers things like how to be a knowledge consultant, how to create a winning strategy, and how to get a YES from your target clients.

As you can see, this is a detailed course. But the good thing is that it is written in a step-by-step way and divided into lessons to make it easier for you to understand its content.

Final Thoughts: Should You Get The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course?

Success requires preparation, knowledge, and work, and the first two requirements are already presented to you through this course. It is up to you to put what is discussed in KBB 2.0 to work so that you can set up your own information-based business.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a course we can recommend to anyone who possesses knowledge or skill that can help someone else. It will teach you how to sell your own knowledge.

What’s more, it is created by three respected life coaches and authors, and thus you can rest assured that it is packed with valuable knowledge.



Knowledge Broker Blueprint can be what you have been looking to get your business growing. With this model, you will not only meet new people but also interact with them which will expand your knowledge and expertise.

The more knowledgeable one is, the easier it is to handle common problems hindering businesses from thriving. When you decide to use this method, you need to remember it is not a magic button to grow your business overnight. Your dedication and effort will be required to give you success.



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Student Testimonial form the KBB Facebook Group

Frequently Asked Questions VIDEO


KBB Method – Students Results Video



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Tony Robbins KBB & Mindmint software Review

Frequently Asked Questions VIDEO

KBB Method – Students Results Video

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Tony Robbins  affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, and helping people use those tools to make a living online. It just makes sense these days, right?

Well, how embarrassing, sad, or alarming was it when I checked my email to find 1400 messages after 5 days of not logging into my account? Everyone has an online business. That’s the good news. And, they are sending out emails according to the rules of email marketing.

What’s It Mean?
The significance to me is that, sadly, email marketing is dying. That’s all that tells me. Sure, you might think that I am subscribed to gobs of Tony Robbins  blogs about Internet marketing (which I am). But, trust me when I say this — it is not enough to warrant that volume of emails.

Now if that was not enough, skimming through the subject and from lines was alarming. You may not know this about me, but I have never been and am still not interested in dating sites, clandestine affairs or really anything other than Internet marketing, etc. Lo-and-behold, my mailbox was chock full of affairs, energy products, and other crud in which I am not interested.

I am the saddest of all to say it, but this signifies the beginning of the end of email marketing. It is definitely an ugly view watching its violent death right before my eyes.

What Do You Do?
I hear you gnashing your teeth, and banging your fists on the desk in outrage. Yes, this is just like spam of old, and yet it is not about The Knowledge Business Blueprint email list.

My work here is not done. I have my work cut out for me to educate many more on the proper use of email marketing. The 1400 emails is a testament to that truth.

My bigger issue is how this unwanted spam masking itself as email marketing impacts those of you who are running businesses the right way. You ask permission and build your email lists with integrity. Yet, honestly, your emails are probably being mass deleted along with the junk emails. These dishonest people scrape, buy and steal email addresses.

It is, unfortunately, ruining email marketing. That’s seriously hampering click- through rates and conversions for legitimate email marketing efforts. So, what can you do?

Well, the first thing is always to play off of what you do have. You have built rapport with your customers, as have I. It means your subscribers trust you and white-list your emails to their main mailbox so that they can read your email newsletters. They put the junk in the spam folder where it belongs.

Now, yes, your money is still in The Knowledge Business Blueprint list. Though, it needs to be even more than ever built on trust. This also hinges on it being built on what you offer to your customers.

People will remember and look forward to the company that makes promises, delivers on them, and provides the actual products and services that they promise. They look forward to your emails and love how you help them succeed in life.

Yes, whenever you are writing an Knowledge Business Blueprint  email campaign, you will need to look at what you have to offer your customers. In return, your customers will regard you more as a friend who benefits their lives. At this point, that is both the point and the sweet spot of email marketing.

For more info on KBB head over to this review website

How To Rate An Knowledge Business Blueprint KBB  Email Marketing Campaign

It’s been determined that less than 5 percent of email marketers consider their email campaigns to have an “excellent” success rate. Only 35 percent even consider their campaigns to have been “good.” Worryingly, the rest rate them with terms such as “average” or “poor.”

An email marketing census that took over 1,000 different clients and agencies into account looked into several different aspects of their emails, including the following:

1 – The layout of the emails, as well as their content.

2 – The basic strategy of the emails.

3 – Mobile optimization.

Even with a growing number of tools available online, marketers still need email if they’re going to achieve a useful ROI. Fortunately, the effectiveness of email marketing can actually be measured. The fact that the census indicated so much unhappiness with their campaigns indicates that many marketers aren’t doing all they can in order to create the most efficient and effective campaigns.

Be Smart With Your Work

As always, a huge part of succeeding in the business world is properly managing your time. It’s like they say, “time is money.” With effective strategies at hand, email campaigns should be able to come together fairly quickly.

The census indicates that over 60 percent of email marketers take around 2 hours or more to develop their campaigns. Close to 20 percent indicated that they might take as much as 8 hours. This lengthy work cycle leaves little time for email testing, and it’s also quite costly.

Only the companies that had enough time to properly test their emails managed to maintain a good ROI. It’s very telling that a sizable percentage of the polled marketers mentioned having never invested any time in testing or even optimization of their emails. Only around 20 percent mentioned spending any significant amount of time doing so. While the entire process of testing and optimization can be streamlined, it looks as if a lot of marketers are spending so much time on generating their campaigns that they have little opportunity to worry about how functional they are.

Basic Strategy Tony Robbins Mobile Compatibility

More and more people are relying upon their smartphones to browse the internet and check their KBB emails these days. Marketers absolutely have to cater to this sizable user base in order to succeed now. Only a quarter of the marketers participating in this census were considering any sort of mobile integration. Most of the rest had no real plans for it at all. Those that mentioned mobile as one of their biggest focuses were decidedly outnumbered, but it’s clear they’re ahead of the curve.

The lack of awareness of mobile’s importance is worrying enough, but many marketers seemed to have little reverence for careful planning of any kind. At least 12 percent of the respondents mentioned having no real strategies for their emails in place. Over half of the companies out there have reported that at least 10 percent of their sales are generated by emails, it’s clear that having an inadequate email strategy can hurt your business significantly.

For an in depth  info about Knowledge Business Blueprint read this KBB Review

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3 Day Business Masterclass – LCS2 Review

3 Day Business Masterclass  – Should You Invest In It?

Guys, Make Sure You  Watch Now the 3 Day Business Masterclass by Chad Nicely & Daven Michaels. There isn’t going to be a replay for this so make sure you attend live.


Many online businesses struggle with two things- getting new leads and converting the new leads into business. You may be getting massive traffic to your sites or store, but the rate of conversion is very low.

This is one of the reasons Lead Conversion Squared was developed- to help online businesses address the problems of having low lead generation and conversion rates.

If you would like to scale your online business, then this Lead Conversion Squared review will benefit as we will talk about the features of this program and how it will help you solve the problems you have been struggling with.

Let’s get started…


Also called LCS2, Lead Conversion Squared is a program that is designed to help online businesses generate new leads and increase conversion. The program provides one with a virtual assistant that is well trained to help find new leads.

According to the creators of this program, your virtual assistants can help you generate up to 1,000 new leads every month.

The software is designed for all types of businesses and can speed up the process of generating leads with responsive landing pages, automation, and comprehensive lead collection from different sources.

This program, which is yet to be officially launched, can benefit virtually everyone who wants to learn more about lead generation and conversion, including website owners, internet marketers, and many other groups of people. How can it help you as an online marketer? Well, this software can capture your leads across your online sources and nurture them so as to become sales-ready.

There is a three-day master class that is set to start on September 28th, but you can still register for the class now.


To help you understand more about Lead Conversion Squared, it is important that we talk about how this system works.

Lead Conversion Squared allows you to build a comprehensive system for collecting and converting leads. This includes a sales pipeline, a tagging system, an automated follow-up system, and a text-messaging system.

In addition to this, this system gives you the ability to create a landing page that will help you to collect more high-quality leads. This will benefit people who are looking to create an email list. In other words, LCS Squared facilitates the process of collecting leads of prospects, whom you can nurture.

What makes this program different is the level of personalization it provides. For you to convert a lead to a customer, you must convince them at the individual level that what you are offering them is beneficial.

Lead Conversion Squared system allows you to send personalized proposals and marketing pitches, which gives you the opportunity to rise above the mundane and boring email marketing messages sent by many marketers.

What’s more, this software provides a pre-trained virtual assistant that can help you generate tons of high-quality leads every month.


Lead Conversion Squared was created by two great entrepreneurs and product creators- Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels. The two authors have achieved massive success in online business, and together they combined efforts, skills, experience, and knowledge to create this amazing software.

Daven Michaels

Daven started honing his back skills as early as when he was 15 years. At this early age, he was working with a business mentor, where he learned business management skills.

Over the years, he has built over 100 companies, some of which have become multi-million-dollar companies. One of his successful companies was 123Employee. His great success has made him a respected figure in the business world. He has thousands of followers on his social media pages.

Daven is also an author, having written three great titles, including utsource This,’ utsource Smart,’ and essons from Beyond.’

He is also a coach and consultant in a variety of fields. His happiness is to see others rise up the ladder of success.

Chad Nicely

Chad Nicely is another respected figure in the business world. He began his career in the corporate world but later realized that the business world suited him more.

Over the years, Chad has set up many successful ventures, including an online store and web design company. He is the author of Lead Conversion System in the EverSuite Series. It was this system that made Daven Michaels join forces with him so as to Create Lead Conversion Squared.


LCS2 boasts of a wide range of features that are designed to make capturing leads easier and more effective.

In this section, we highlight some of the great features packed into this program and how they can help you;

Sales pipeline

A sales pipeline is meant to help you see where each lead is in the conversion process. The LCS2 sales pipeline will help you keep track of your leads progress. You will see crucial details of your leads, including when they signed up, the email that convinced them to sign up, the emails they have received so far, etc. With this information, you will be able to gauge how close or far they are to making a purchase.

You can use a sales pipeline to know the efficiency of your different sales reps as it segregates data to help you see which leads were brought by who, and how individual agents are convincing the new leads.

Powerful tagging system

Your leads are different or at least have deferent interests. Some come to your site looking for solutions to different problems. They may also be coming from different geographical regions or are in different age groups.

This means that for you to boost your chances of converting them into customers, you have to send personalized messages to each group of leads. Sending a singled message to all leads will not cut it.

That’s why Lead Conversion Squared software includes a powerful tagging system that helps you separate leads into different sub-groups to allow you to send customized and targeted messages to each group.

Your leads will be assigned tags based on various factors, which you will have set- gender, age, location, how they landed on your site, interests, and the products they are looking for.

With these sub-groups, you can then create promotional email messages that suit each group. This will help increase your conversion rates.

Automated lead follow-up

You need to nurture new leads, which is why sending timely follow-up emails is important if you want to speed up the conversion process. When a new lead provides their contact details, you don’t want to delay before sending any information that relates to what they were looking for.

Lead Conversion Squared allows you to nurture new leads by having an automated lead follow-up system. This means that you will not always have to send a welcome message to new leads, as this software will do it for you.

You will just need to input various emails and attachments you want to be sent to leads after they sign up on your website.

Business card sign-up page

To help you get more leads, this software allows you to create a business card sign-up page that you can customize with your brand, logo, etc. You can also attach personalized videos on the sign-up page to improve the experience of your new leads.

Reseller license

This feature will greatly help people who would like to profit from LCS2. LCS2 users will also get a reseller license that allows you to give other clients access to this program. You can also commercialize the lead generation and conversion process and become an agency with this license.

Check out the Video Overview of the Members Area



  • You don’t need to have a lot of experience or technical knowledge to use LCS2. This software was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive
  • The lead generation, nurturing, and conversion techniques discussed in this program have proven to be successful
  • You will receive a virtual assistant who can help you generate tons of leads each month
  • It was created two respected business entrepreneurs, and thus legit


  • The cost of the program is yet to be released yet


While the software is yet to be launched, the preliminary test-runs has shown great potential. In addition, considering that the program has been backed by some of the respected names in the digital world, there is a likelihood that this system is legitimate. Plus, the two authors behind this software are respected figures in the digital world.


Although this software is yet to be unveiled, it will likely be a great lead generation and conversion software, especially for businesses that rely majorly on new leads.

Lead Conversion Squared may be the ideal solution that will help you scale your business to greater heights. The many features it offers can help you automate most of the business processes, especially those that relate to lead generation and conversion. This will ultimately increase the profitability of your business.

Sign up today for the 3-day Masterclass so that you can learn more about how LCS2 can help your business. This will help you make your purchase decision easier.


The Kibo Code Lock Your Membership Today Start Now

  • Product Name:
  • Developers: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton
  • Price: $3.497 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Verdict: 100% Worth It. 
  • Official Cart Page: >>> Click Here to PURCHASE
  • Cart Opens 27 January 
  • Cart Closes 2nd February

Guys, Aidan & Steve just opened the doors to coaching program. You need to Reserve Your Seat NOW to get a huge bonus pack.

Also not to get locked out. You’ll be working 1 on 1 with Aiden & Steve and they cannot accept a lot of students due to the nature of working personal with them.Access the cart page by clicking the button and reserve your spot in the members area.


The Kibo Code Overview

The Kibo Code is the latest online marketing product of Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth becoming available soon. Time to bring you “The Kibo Code Overview” to comprehend what this famous e-commerce couple have to offer.

What Is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code originates from a Japanese store in the heart of Tokyo. The marketing strategy of this company is to display as many products in their stores as possible. They keep track of all the products they sell. The products with the highest sales numbers are placed next to the busiest walkways to catch as much attention from customers as possible. The sales of these products skyrocketed into hugely successful numbers. As a matter of fact, the sales numbers for the whole store has been amazing since implementing this marketing strategy. Aiden Booth & Steve Clayton adopted the marketing strategy of this brick and mortar store and transformed it into an online marketing product to drive sales of online stores.

The founders of the

The Kibo Code is the newest product of Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth. Together, they have launched several successful online marketing products adding to their credibility. Steve Clayton was the former vice president of a Fortune 500 company. Aiden Booth has helped more than 1500 websites to create constant cashflow. Former online marketing products of both gentlemen have been well received. They use and test the online marketing products they create in the online stores they own themselves with enormous success. They have made millions in the online stores they own. The best credentials you can create for your product is using your own product with very profitable results. Because, why would you buy a product to boost sales if the creators don’t believe it is good enough for their own business. Now they will launch their newest product the Kobe Code, so you can run your online store like Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth.

The Kibo Code Package

Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth will guide all their students in a live, online course of 8 weeks toward mastering the Kobe Code business model and utilizing the Kobe Code software. The step-by-step training makes it easy for students to fully grasp all the concepts, knowledge, skills and tools needed to boost the sales of your online store immediately. The system and software of the Kobe Code are easy to use. Many owners of online businesses struggle with the technical knowledge needed to maximize potential and therefore maximize the sales. Furthermore, many parts of the process are automated, so that business owners can save a lof time, and focus on the most important parts of their business.

The database of the software can deal with 3 million products. All the products within the database already demonstrated to be profitable by extensive testing for 12 months. The whole trial and error process, online store owners have to get through at first, is already done for you and implemented in the software. Which means from the get-go you can start making profits. An easy template is used to manage the list of products in your store.

One of the most important aspects of a successful online store is increasing traffic to make conversions. Even if you have excellent, profitable products in your store but no traffic, you are not gonna make a dime. Of course, Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth have included affordable, instant techniques to increase the traffic to your store. No one wants to spend a lot of money on marketing or simply waiting to slowly gain a bit of traffic and therefore sales. The techniques they will teach you are making your store quickly profitable and busy with customers.

To make your store successful in the long run you can mark the products that are doing well and also tag the products which seem to be out of fashion. Making it easy to change your inventory when sales will diminish on certain products and boost your sales once again by picking new products that are becoming popular.

Overall every aspect of growing a successful e-commerce business is discussed extensively within the training. Because of the live nature of the training, you can ask all questions that come up during the course to comprehend each aspect of the training, and growing a profitable online store afterward.

Do you need an inventory?

The great thing is that you do not need to have any inventory to start selling products. A customer orders a product in your online store. You will ask the supplier to send the product directly to the customer. The customer got the product and is happy, the supplier sold a product because of your store and is happy, and you earn the mark-up on the product and are happy. All the suppliers in the database are reliable American suppliers you can trust. It will be easy for you to manage the risk of damaged products, undelivered items, and other problems that could hurt your trustworthiness towards your customers. In general, the blueprint of the software you will work with takes care of so many aspects. Running an e-commerce store can be done by anyone with common sense when using the software of the Kobe Code. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth put all their e-commerce knowledge into this promising product.

Is the value of the Kobe Code worth the price tag?

The price tag of the full package is $3497 or 4 installments of $997. This might seem like a lot of money for someone who did not start a business yet or has an online store without any sales. You can find a lot of free or cheap information on the web about e-commerce. Unfortunately, this info is not very applicable to make your store become a success. A lot of information is too general, not focused on your challenge, and much of the info going around does not come from people with the credentials and business success to back up their “advice”.

When you want to become successful, find people who are already successful in the same business. They already took down all the barriers you still have to deal with. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth are these people. When it comes to investing in your business you have to ask yourself the question “Will I make back the investment?”. With Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth and the Kobe Code making back your investment of $3497 will be easy with some common sense and persistence. Any business owner with more experience knows that an investment of $3497 is not much to increase traffic, conversion, sales, and profits in the e-commerce business.

Is the Kobe Code a legit product?

In 2017, Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth launched the 100k factory online marketing program. The program became a huge success, with many students making profits of up to $100,000 a year after following the 100k factory program. This is just one of many examples of Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth helping others in building a profitable e-commerce business. The Kobe Code is without a doubt a legit product that will deliver value for e-commerce entrepreneurs. How profitable your business can grow will probably be more dependent on your passion and drive to make your business a huge success, than on the quality of the Kobe Code. No matter how good your tools, without drive, passion, and common sense no one will ever grow a business into a successful venture.

Is there any protection for buyers of the Kibo Code com start?

Every student has the option to return the whole package within 30 days and get back the full amount of $3497. The owners stated that you can try out everything the Kobe Code package has to offer. You can watch training modules, use the software and any other parts of the package. If you are not completely satisfied simply return the product, get your money back, without any questions asked. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth are 100% behind the Kobe Code. They have so much trust in their product, that they simply expect all genuinely interested students to be completely satisfied with the Kobe Code. Furthermore, customers are protected by Clickbank’s 60-day money-back guarantee.

Conclusion is a very promising product from two e-commerce business experts. Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth have the credentials in this kind of business to support the confidence in their product. For such a complete package the price tag of $3497 is very reasonable. The return on the investment will be high when you pursue your dreams with passion and persistence. The training and software of the Kibo Code make it possible to build a profitable e-commerce business without any prior experience. The software is extensively tested with great results and created with all the knowledge Steve Clayton & Aiden Booth have of managing an online business. I am very excited about the Kibo Code and advise any serious entrepreneur to dive into the Kibo Code as well. Everyone has to discover for himself if this is the product you were waiting for.


Click Here To Get Started With Lurn Insider

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Peter Vargas Stage to Scale Method Review

  • Product: Stage To Scale Method
  • Creator: Peter Vargas.
  • Price: $1,997 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Upsells: NO
  • Official Website: >> Just Click Here
  • Rating: 99%
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Stage to Scale Method Review

Are you struggling to gain visibility in your business? Are you looking to rack up profits? Do you want to learn the right techniques to tap into maximum leads? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, the Stage to Scale Program is exactly what you need. The program comes with multiple modules that explore the nitty-gritty of speaking on stage. But how does honing your oratory skills help your business? According to the creator Pete Vargas, speaking the right way and following the right approach while speaking can completely transform the way you do business. Since it makes you appear more convincing, people will be naturally interested to check out the services or products you offer.

His program Stage to Scale is tailored for everyone who is afraid of speaking on stage but is looking to do something better on the business front. So, regardless of the size or extent of your venture- you will certainly benefit from this course.

The Stage to Scale Program is also ideal for life coaches, motivational speakers, and anyone else who is looking to make money from speaking. The program follows a simple, no-nonsense approach in helping you overcome your stage fear. The result: you’re left with excellent oratory skills that’ll help you build solid credibility for yourself and your business.

But what does this product include? What are the specific training courses that you will get from this program? Are all the courses useful? Well, that is what we are going to find out over the next few sections.

Yes, as you read through the next few lines, you will get a complete Stage to Scale Review that’ll help you ascertain whether this program is indeed ideal for you. Since I tried and tested the program myself, you can be completely assured of the credibility of this review. [Read more…]

5 Real Life Lessons That Video Games Can Teach You

You might be wondering how video games can help you. Brawlhalla Rankings Ranked is a competitive game mode in Brawlhalla. All of us have heard how video games bring aggression out in individuals, particularly those who are more violent (it isn’t true; they don’t do this). However, it turns out that video games are not a total waste of time. Actually, they can help you to learn a number of different things. Who would have thought that? If you play lots of video games involving teamwork, then there is a good chance your teamwork skills will improve. Play lots of puzzle games that focus on problem-solving, then you will end up being better at solving problems. There isn’t any limit on how video games can help you.

Team Work

MMO players learn just how important teamwork is right away. At times ada brawlhalla it requires lots of coordination and manpower to achieve something in the game you are playing, and those who lead the charge will soon find out what they can learn from the video games. When World of Warcraft was at its peak, there were some companies that actually considered the raiding experience to be a big positive, and probably some places do to this day. Of course, if you were to show up at your job interview without showering for a week due to being on an 18-hour WoW bender, they probably wouldn’t really be impressed by the fact that your guild was able to pull having the realm-first Ragnaros kill. However, if you can draw from your experience in your time that has been spent in video games working as a team, then you can translate this easy to your working environment, since many times, those will involve lots of teamwork as well.


In addition to helping you with teamwork skills, video games also can help you become a better communicator. If you play a game that heavily relies on communication, then there is a good chance you will be able to naturally apply the skill beyond the game. One good example is the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes This game is based almost completely on communication. One individual has the task of disarming a bomb, while everyone else must talk the person through it. It’s not hard to imagine that having good communication skills can make this task easier, so everyone doesn’t explode. The same can be said about many real-life communication examples. The better you can navigate, the more successful your communication will be.

Puzzle Solving

Those with enough patience to dive deeply into puzzle games most likely will find that their brains become sharper, which enables them to solve successive puzzles faster. This also allows you to solve real-world problems. If you play enough of Keep Talk and Nobody Explores, then you may be called upon to disarm a real live bomb. That’s actually completely not true, and if anyone does ever ask you to diffuse a based on you playing a video game just politely decline the request. However, puzzle games can definitely help you with developing your critical thinking skills, and this is an immensely useful skill to have in real life.


This may be really obvious, or perhaps not, just bear with me for a minute. Learning how to be patient is one of the many ways that playing video games can help you with real-life situations. Many video games, particularly those involving some sort of loot, involve repetition as well. By having to farm those necessary resources, you learn how to be patient. Perhaps when you are first getting started, you only last for about 20 minutes before you feel like you are bouncing off of the walls. Then as time goes on, and you find yourself spending hours trying to farm or a rare item without realizing it. Keep in mind, everything in moderation. Or go all out if you really do want something badly enough. Video games, similar to patience, can teach you tenacity as well. Have you ever tried to avoid getting into a fight with a tough boss for several hours? That’s tenacity at work. Life is about having the determination to see through all the way to the end whatever your goals are.

Overcoming Your Fears

Thanks mainly to VR, this one is new. It turns out that when you are physically immersed in an environment that is nearly as realistic as actual reality is that it really can help with alleviating fear. For example, take arachnophobia. It has been shown that when virtual spiders are handled in VR, that you learn to become more comfortable with real spiders. Of course, it’s a long shot trying to get people to deal with spiders no matter what form of reality it is, and no matter how harmless the spiders are, but it can take the fears down a few notches. Also, VR can be used for helping overcome your fear of heights. Think about all of the other virtual therapy applications that could help people. If you have a fear of aliens, just get abducted virtually a couple of times, and then when the real thing occurs, you won’t be scared. Maybe all of those problem-solving skills that you learned from the puzzle games can help you with that situation.

That was just five examples of ways that video games can benefit you. Truthfully, there are a practically unlimited number of applications. So what are some of the ways that video games have benefited you?

Best British Cars For 2018

What isn’t there to love about the 2016 British cars? From the McLaren supercars’ ingenuity and high-performance to the craft and heritage of the Morgan retro roadsters, every kind of automobile that you might fancy has been accounted for. With rock music cued up and the pedal pressed to the floor, a victory roll being flipped by a Spitfire is the only thing that has a more impressive sound than the most recent Morgan Plus 8. A 4.8-litre BMW engine might be featured by this retro roadster, however to its very core it is classically British.

The Morgan has been hand-built for over 100 years in the same exact Worcestershire factory, still looking like it’s been driven right out of The Wind In The Willows book with angry Mr. Toad behind the wheel.

A majority of buyers choose the modest 4/4 Classical 2.0 litre model – which has a beautiful shape and is fun enough for a nice weekend drive through the countryside. The raucous Plus 8, however, is the macho alternative to choose from.

With a 390 bhp engine squeezed into this small of a bodyshell, it makes it one of the world’s lightest V8 passenger cars. And although it is just as fast as the Porsche 911 is – 0 to 60 mph within 4.5 seconds – there aren’t any driver aids with the Plus 8 that you find with modern cars.

The 8 is consequently a true brute and needs a health warning to come with it. In wet weather, the back end truly has its own mind. The only thing that saved me from oblivion was the big brakes it comes with. The Plus 8 is uncomfortable, noisy, unrefined and leaks when the mohair roof is up. However, after my 1,000 mile drive all over Ireland, I really can’t imagine a car that could be more exhilarating than this one.

In today’s era of overindulgent safety features and driver aid, the Plus 8 dispense with all of the political correctness and shouts out that we are here to have fund. The only thing that is more outrageous is its £70,000 price tag. A butler is really the only thing that is missing from the GT Speed with its £185,000 price tag. It also offers a list of personalized options that is as equally extensive and indulgent. This model includes everything from air-conditioned and quilted seats to a heated steering wheel.

The fastest Bentley of all comes equipped with a huge engine. Its 6.0 litre W12 can produce 626 bhp, propelling the soft-top at an incredible rate of knots with no fuss whatsoever.

There wasn’t much that didn’t impress me but how to make a book in minecraft  its about the top-of-the-line Conti, with the exception of how frequently I needed to stop to fuel up. It is very hard achieving anything better than 19 mpg – and much less when you are tempted to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.

It is of course possible the Speed can be steered around the countryside at a gentle Bentley mode as well, while enjoying its Naim sound system, armchair seats and excellent suspension.

However, if you are purchasing a Speed, you must explore the ‘Sport’ setting located on the auto gearbox. The car picks a gear up instantly, with support coming from an exhaust system featuring an outrageous sound. The Speed is built in Crewe, and is the ideal antidote for the Morgan Plus 8 – but at a very high price. You can at least hear its sound system on the journey. Caterham owners may want to punch every buffoon thinking the Seven is merely a kit car. Although it is true that there is a ‘self assembly’ versions that you can buy, a majority of them are put together in a factory located in Dartford.

The 620S represents the top-of-the-range and is so high performance at the insistence of Caterham it is built in-house. A pricey weekend track start that costs £45,000, there isn’t another car that handles any better.

There are a number of different Caterhma models to find one that suits your budget. They all offer exciting performance levels. Even the 160 entry level at £16,000 is an absolute blast, while supposedly the 620S is a milder 620R race car version. The S is a 2.0-litre supercharged rocket capable of churning out 310 bhp. A Golf R is even almost capable of doing that. However, the Caterham only weighs 610 kg. That makes the Seven a big handful and scary fast. More than once i went sideways and it is a real slippery nightmare in the wet. It became even more challenging when the windscreen wipers started packing up.

The 620S contains absolutely no luxuries. There is no radio and the seats are buckets made out of carbon fibre. However, there are some benefits to a car being stripped down to the absolute bare minimum. The S is able to fly up to 60 mph within 3.4 seconds. When you hit the accelerator it makes a very angry bee sound. The 620 isn’t for the faint-hearted. The best way to describe it is as motorbike that has a roof. We have warned you. McLaren 650S Spider.

So how loud would you like your supercar to be? If you are the shy retiring type, then the 650S is not for you. Long before this spaceship-shaped vehicles comes flying in, its exhaust pipes will be announcing your arrival. Even when the rear-screen is lowered or the hard-top is stowed away neatly, you will need to cover your ears to fully appreciate the roar that this British supercar makes.

The 3.8-litre, 650 bhp V8 is where all of the drama comes from. It is neatly nested behind the cockpit. There’s no time to check the speed since the 650 blasts up to 60 mph within 3 seconds and then just keeps on going. The gremlins that bothered owners of its previous road car have been sorted out by McLaren, although I had some problems still with a radio that wouldn’t play. However, I could live happily with its engine’s soundtrack at any time.

The Spider is one of the most beautiful cars I have driven during the past 12 months. It is incredibly fast as well. Everything else could be left for dead by one of these cars, and threaten to add points on to your driving licence constantly.

Built in Woking at McLaren’s Technology Centre, it is hard to think of there being a more round package at its £215,000 price tag. After you have driven it once, you’ll want to continue coming back to get more. When it launched in the same year as Love Fortune Cookie 2013 there was a lot of hype. However, the F-Type won’t ever achieve the original E-Type’s iconic status. It is still a really great car, however, and the coupe for once is much more attractive than the convertible is.

The R leads the pack, with its supercharged 5.0-litre V8 that can blow by a Porsche 911 while making it to 60 mph in only 4.0 seconds. Jaguar has brought out its manual gearbox and all=wheel drive option this year as well.

The coupe’s interior ambiance is a real treat. There is even decent luggage space that comes with it. This isn’t a 2+2. However, for practical reasons you most likely wont want having a coupe like this one. It is difficult to find fault with the F-Type if you would like to have a high performance sports car that is reasonably priced. There are some that feel the cabin is too cramped and the touchscreen infotainment system is a bit fussy. However, this couple is one you will want to drive at all times.

The most recent John Cooper Works is the most powerful and fastest accelerating Mini yet. They have squeezed an impressive 228 bhp from a 2.0-litre BMW engine – with a brand new turbocharger along with some other adjustments.

John Cooper was the famous engineer who created the original Mini Cooper during the 1960s. His son provided input for this most recent car’s design, which has a £23,000 price tag for its basic version.

With some desirable extras added, it can easily increase to £30,000. This includes some must-haves such as climate control, heated seats and sat nav.

The JCW is not incredibly fast. However, thanks to the entertaining engine and go-kart handling of the Mini, it feels a lot faster than it actually is. If you happen to be brave enough you can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds with a 153 mph top speed.

The bodywork has decals and spoilers all over it. However, there is a more upmarket feel to the inside of the JCW. It is put together beautifully and feels more classy than cheap.

Every Xbox 360 And Xbox One Game That Can Be Downloaded For Free In The Month Of April

xbox games to downloadEvery Xbox 360 and Xbox One game that can be downloaded for free in the month of April. Although we were very disappointed with Games with Gold during the first few months of the year, the program has been completely turned around by Microsoft over the past two months. Last month Microsoft offered a good selection of games, and then for April, it raised the quality of its selection even higher by releasing four titles that fit in well with everyone’s collections.

One of the ten best games for BGR in 2016 was The Witness, so make sure to get while Xbox Live Gold members can still get it for free if you haven’t had the chance to play it yet. When it comes to the Assassin’s Creed series, Unity may have been the low point, however in 2015, Ubisoft was able to rebound nicely with Syndicate. When it first came out, maybe you skipped it. However, now that it is available for free, you just need to have enough space on your hard trie. Both of the Xbox 360 games are also great.

The following find all word cookies strawberry answers are details on all of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Games for Gold that are available for the month of April:

Dead Space 2 (ERP $19.99): Available April 1-30 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Cars 2: The Video Game (ERP $19.99): Available April 1-15 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (ERP $49.99 ERP): Available April 16- May 15 on Xbox One

The Witness (ERP $39.99): Available April 1-30 on Xbox One

You can save more than $129 and get all four games as well as add as many as 4,000 points onto your gamerscore. Remember also that all of the Xbox 360 titles have backward compatibility with Xbox One, so all four games that are listed above can still be downloaded even if you don’t own an Xbox 360.

Lurn Insider Review – Is Anik’s Singals Membership Worth it?

Review Lurn Insider Anik SingalInternet marketing isn’t what it used to be with so many different verticals, angles, and pathways.

It can be confusing to the super affiliates, so what chance does a beginner have in this world? It isn’t going to be easy, but with a robust Internet marketing program, it is possible to progress and grow.

This review is going to provide an in-depth look into Anik Singal’s lurn insider as a potential option for those wanting to learn how to maximize their online potential as an Internet marketer.

Here is more on what this review will include and what one can look forward to reading about.

What You Will Learn

Key Features

  • About The Author
  • Pros and Cons
  • Wrapping it Up (Verdict)

Key Features

  • Detailed Mastery Training With Updated Courses
  • Active Online Community of Members
  • Monthly Student Case Studies
  • Robust Set of Tools
  •  Open Office Hours (2 Live Q/A Sessions)
  •  Free Information Business Toolkit (5 Major Resources)
  •  24/7 Support

About the Author

This review is written by a seasoned Internet marketer who has seen it all.

There have been many ups and downs with products that haven’t worked well while others that have earned thousands of dollars on a consistent basis. This ensures the review that is provided here will be fair, accurate, and detailed for those wanting to dig in.

The author has not only understood the art of Internet marketing but has dabbled in various forms (i.e. email, PPC, SEO) to understand better what works and what does not.

Let’s move into the pros and cons now.


lurn insider membership benefits

1) Robust Information

The incredible amount of information is appealing.

Anik Singal hasn’t cut corners when it comes to what he is providing throughout the course. Whether it has to do with setting up campaigns or pouring through case studies, you are going to get full disclosure, and that is hard to find on the web.

Most programs don’t divulge this information, but Anik Singal has made it clear, he wants to do just that.

It is incredible to see how detailed every aspect of the community is and how well it forms together into a power-packed solution for all Internet marketers.

2) Unique Community

The community of members is astonishing and one of the brightest plus points of this membership program.

The community is not only full of active members, but these are helpful Internet marketers who are going through the same bumps as you are. This makes it appealing because you can learn with them and that is critical as you piece information together and build new campaigns.

There is nothing worse than feeling alone during the journey but Anik Singal has done well to build an active community where people can learn together and maximize their time moving forward.

3) Tremendous Support

The support is ideal because they have professional representatives who have learned every aspect of the program to help members. They know it inside and out, which is something you are going to notice as a member while speaking to them.

Not only are they good at their job, but they are also willing to learn on the go.

They want to soak it all in and maximize what you are telling them. It is essential to look into this as you are paying for a membership program but with Lurn Insiders, you are getting the real deal. They have exceptional support from top to bottom.

4) Ideal for Beginners

Beginners get burned the most when it comes to membership programs because they don’t know what to look for nor have they been through this before. You will not have to fret about this as a member with Lurn Insiders. They have done a fantastic job of breaking things down for newbies.

They know what you need and are going to point you in that direction.

Combined with the active community and great support staff, you are going to have a great time learning on the go even as a beginner. For most people, this is a major plus point.

5) Proven Results

The monthly case studies are just the tip of the iceberg with Lurn Insiders when it comes to proven results and how good the membership program is at what it does. You are going to get invaluable information, and there are so many unique examples of people who are making this program work for them.

Anik Singal points to his own examples of how this information works but also points to current students who are churning in money.

You will be able to pour through this information and see how valuable this program is from top to bottom.

6) Regular Updates

Information tends to age as time goes on with Internet marketing and the same applies to Lurn Insiders.

Regular updates are a must, which is what you are going to get with Anik Singal’s program. They keep things in sync with what is going on in the world, and that is key while you are piecing through information.

The team stays on top of this, and they know when things are out of sync. Regular updates are necessary because they keep the information relevant and you’re always able to pick up golden nuggets along the way. This is what makes the program such an appealing one.

7) Gorgeous Interface

Once you hop onto the site, you are going to see an incredible hue of blue, and that is going to catch your eye.

Well, the interface isn’t just about eye candy but about what you see on the other side when it pertains to information. Anik Singal and has team has done an excellent job of ensuring the information is beautifully laid out and read well when you start sifting through it.

He has made it easy to access, which is why the interface is a major positive for the membership program.

8) Array of Tools

The final positive for Lurn Insiders would be the array of tools.

You are going to get tools that can help you every step of the way, and that’s what makes Lurn Insiders unique for beginners. How many other membership programs are providing a full tool kit for you to pour through and make the most of?

There aren’t many, and that is what will win you over.

The array of tools isn’t just a collection of tools that don’t work but are proven to deliver great results and enhance your campaigns as time goes on.


1) Requires Patience

The first con with Lurn Insiders has to be its requirement for patience on your part.

Members who are in a rush to make money will falter. This isn’t a program that isn’t going to give you quick money. You need a lot of time to work with when you are going through this program, or you will never get to the key details that will help push you forward.

It is an excellent program for those who are patient and want to tweak their campaigns on the go to make money in the long-term.

Once you have the systems in place, you will earn a lot, and that is what makes it unique.

2) Results Will Vary

The next con would be how your results are going to compare to other members using Lurn Insiders. Don’t go into this membership program assuming you are going to make $1000/day or something of that nature. Sure, you could hit that number, and some beat it big time, but that is just one example.

Some might make less while others are going to make a lot more.

This is why you have to recognize your work is going to relate to you and nothing else. Stick to working hard and using this information to better your campaigns.

3) Limited Seats

The final con with Lurn Insiders has to do with the limited seats that are on offer.

The number is rapidly declining all the time, and that is something you will have to factor in while making a decision. While Anik Singal doesn’t want to hurry anyone, there are limited seats, so people can receive the assistance they require from his staff.

This is a con for those who don’t sign up, while it is a real positive for those who do and want the attention of all staff members.

Wrapping it Up


In the end, Lurn Insiders is one of those elite membership programs that is going to provide an incredible collection of guides and tools.

You will have everything at your disposal including a robust community that is going to help you persevere in the long-term. Those who are not looking into this are the ones who are going to fail. Stick to Lurn Insiders and know you are getting a world-class solution.

Yes, it has a few cons such as results varying but that is the beauty of a legitimate program that isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Lurn Insiders is the real deal and deserves your attention.

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