3 Day Business Masterclass – LCS2 Review

3 Day Business Masterclass  – Should You Invest In It?

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Many online businesses struggle with two things- getting new leads and converting the new leads into business. You may be getting massive traffic to your sites or store, but the rate of conversion is very low.

This is one of the reasons Lead Conversion Squared was developed- to help online businesses address the problems of having low lead generation and conversion rates.

If you would like to scale your online business, then this Lead Conversion Squared review will benefit as we will talk about the features of this program and how it will help you solve the problems you have been struggling with.

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Also called LCS2, Lead Conversion Squared is a program that is designed to help online businesses generate new leads and increase conversion. The program provides one with a virtual assistant that is well trained to help find new leads.

According to the creators of this program, your virtual assistants can help you generate up to 1,000 new leads every month.

The software is designed for all types of businesses and can speed up the process of generating leads with responsive landing pages, automation, and comprehensive lead collection from different sources.

This program, which is yet to be officially launched, can benefit virtually everyone who wants to learn more about lead generation and conversion, including website owners, internet marketers, and many other groups of people. How can it help you as an online marketer? Well, this software can capture your leads across your online sources and nurture them so as to become sales-ready.

There is a three-day master class that is set to start on September 28th, but you can still register for the class now.


To help you understand more about Lead Conversion Squared, it is important that we talk about how this system works.

Lead Conversion Squared allows you to build a comprehensive system for collecting and converting leads. This includes a sales pipeline, a tagging system, an automated follow-up system, and a text-messaging system.

In addition to this, this system gives you the ability to create a landing page that will help you to collect more high-quality leads. This will benefit people who are looking to create an email list. In other words, LCS Squared facilitates the process of collecting leads of prospects, whom you can nurture.

What makes this program different is the level of personalization it provides. For you to convert a lead to a customer, you must convince them at the individual level that what you are offering them is beneficial.

Lead Conversion Squared system allows you to send personalized proposals and marketing pitches, which gives you the opportunity to rise above the mundane and boring email marketing messages sent by many marketers.

What’s more, this software provides a pre-trained virtual assistant that can help you generate tons of high-quality leads every month.


Lead Conversion Squared was created by two great entrepreneurs and product creators- Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels. The two authors have achieved massive success in online business, and together they combined efforts, skills, experience, and knowledge to create this amazing software.

Daven Michaels

Daven started honing his back skills as early as when he was 15 years. At this early age, he was working with a business mentor, where he learned business management skills.

Over the years, he has built over 100 companies, some of which have become multi-million-dollar companies. One of his successful companies was 123Employee. His great success has made him a respected figure in the business world. He has thousands of followers on his social media pages.

Daven is also an author, having written three great titles, including utsource This,’ utsource Smart,’ and essons from Beyond.’

He is also a coach and consultant in a variety of fields. His happiness is to see others rise up the ladder of success.

Chad Nicely

Chad Nicely is another respected figure in the business world. He began his career in the corporate world but later realized that the business world suited him more.

Over the years, Chad has set up many successful ventures, including an online store and web design company. He is the author of Lead Conversion System in the EverSuite Series. It was this system that made Daven Michaels join forces with him so as to Create Lead Conversion Squared.


LCS2 boasts of a wide range of features that are designed to make capturing leads easier and more effective.

In this section, we highlight some of the great features packed into this program and how they can help you;

Sales pipeline

A sales pipeline is meant to help you see where each lead is in the conversion process. The LCS2 sales pipeline will help you keep track of your leads progress. You will see crucial details of your leads, including when they signed up, the email that convinced them to sign up, the emails they have received so far, etc. With this information, you will be able to gauge how close or far they are to making a purchase.

You can use a sales pipeline to know the efficiency of your different sales reps as it segregates data to help you see which leads were brought by who, and how individual agents are convincing the new leads.

Powerful tagging system

Your leads are different or at least have deferent interests. Some come to your site looking for solutions to different problems. They may also be coming from different geographical regions or are in different age groups.

This means that for you to boost your chances of converting them into customers, you have to send personalized messages to each group of leads. Sending a singled message to all leads will not cut it.

That’s why Lead Conversion Squared software includes a powerful tagging system that helps you separate leads into different sub-groups to allow you to send customized and targeted messages to each group.

Your leads will be assigned tags based on various factors, which you will have set- gender, age, location, how they landed on your site, interests, and the products they are looking for.

With these sub-groups, you can then create promotional email messages that suit each group. This will help increase your conversion rates.

Automated lead follow-up

You need to nurture new leads, which is why sending timely follow-up emails is important if you want to speed up the conversion process. When a new lead provides their contact details, you don’t want to delay before sending any information that relates to what they were looking for.

Lead Conversion Squared allows you to nurture new leads by having an automated lead follow-up system. This means that you will not always have to send a welcome message to new leads, as this software will do it for you.

You will just need to input various emails and attachments you want to be sent to leads after they sign up on your website.

Business card sign-up page

To help you get more leads, this software allows you to create a business card sign-up page that you can customize with your brand, logo, etc. You can also attach personalized videos on the sign-up page to improve the experience of your new leads.

Reseller license

This feature will greatly help people who would like to profit from LCS2. LCS2 users will also get a reseller license that allows you to give other clients access to this program. You can also commercialize the lead generation and conversion process and become an agency with this license.

Check out the Video Overview of the Members Area




  • You don’t need to have a lot of experience or technical knowledge to use LCS2. This software was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive
  • The lead generation, nurturing, and conversion techniques discussed in this program have proven to be successful
  • You will receive a virtual assistant who can help you generate tons of leads each month
  • It was created two respected business entrepreneurs, and thus legit


  • The cost of the program is yet to be released yet


While the software is yet to be launched, the preliminary test-runs has shown great potential. In addition, considering that the program has been backed by some of the respected names in the digital world, there is a likelihood that this system is legitimate. Plus, the two authors behind this software are respected figures in the digital world.


Although this software is yet to be unveiled, it will likely be a great lead generation and conversion software, especially for businesses that rely majorly on new leads.

Lead Conversion Squared may be the ideal solution that will help you scale your business to greater heights. The many features it offers can help you automate most of the business processes, especially those that relate to lead generation and conversion. This will ultimately increase the profitability of your business.

Sign up today for the 3-day Masterclass so that you can learn more about how LCS2 can help your business. This will help you make your purchase decision easier.