Peter Vargas Stage to Scale Method Review

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Stage to Scale Method Review

Are you struggling to gain visibility in your business? Are you looking to rack up profits? Do you want to learn the right techniques to tap into maximum leads? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, the Stage to Scale Program is exactly what you need. The program comes with multiple modules that explore the nitty-gritty of speaking on stage. But how does honing your oratory skills help your business? According to the creator Pete Vargas, speaking the right way and following the right approach while speaking can completely transform the way you do business. Since it makes you appear more convincing, people will be naturally interested to check out the services or products you offer.

His program Stage to Scale is tailored for everyone who is afraid of speaking on stage but is looking to do something better on the business front. So, regardless of the size or extent of your venture- you will certainly benefit from this course.

The Stage to Scale Program is also ideal for life coaches, motivational speakers, and anyone else who is looking to make money from speaking. The program follows a simple, no-nonsense approach in helping you overcome your stage fear. The result: you’re left with excellent oratory skills that’ll help you build solid credibility for yourself and your business.

But what does this product include? What are the specific training courses that you will get from this program? Are all the courses useful? Well, that is what we are going to find out over the next few sections.

Yes, as you read through the next few lines, you will get a complete Stage to Scale Review that’ll help you ascertain whether this program is indeed ideal for you. Since I tried and tested the program myself, you can be completely assured of the credibility of this review.


What Is Stage to Scale?

As previously mentioned, the Stage to Scale is a program that is tailored to drive conversions with exceptional oratory skills. It covers three major areas. The first one will deal with strategies that’ll help you establish a solid signature talk. This is the talk that’ll build your credibility and get the audience interested. The next stage is about building a solid system that will establish a demand for your product and services. The final stage will deal with scaling past the previous stage so that you’re able to transform lives all while expanding your business and boosting your income.

What Is Included in This Program?

The Stage to Scale Program has seven well-defined modules. In this section, we will take a closer look at them.

Module 1: Known as the Foundation’ this is the introductory section of this course. Here, you will get to understand exactly how you can maximize your potential. Pete follows an extremely informal and friendly approach here. He begins the module by sharing his own story. He talks about the trials and errors he had to perform before finally crafting something as successful as Stage to Scale. Here. He also gives you a basic insight into the concept of Stage to Scale. He tells you what this program will do and how it will change your business and your life.

Module 2: The second module is all about creating and establishing your signature conversations. Here, he discusses how a simple conversation can transform your business. He addresses your problem of connecting with a larger audience and tells you how you can overcome this fear. In this module, you will also get to know the way to address and approach your audience. Throughout the module, Pete talks about understanding your audience. He teaches you the right keywords that’ll almost automatically drive audience engagement. He shares the right skills that’ll keep your audience gripped into the conversation.

Module 3: The third module is more of an inside scoop about the small things you can do to be a better orator. He talks about techniques, approaches, and methods that you can incorporate while connecting with your audience. In other words, this is a continuation of the second module. By the time you complete the third module, you get to understand every little thing that makes an individual a world-class speaker; so much so, that their audience is thoroughly interested while they are talking.

Module 4: The fourth module discusses guidelines about collecting leads. This is ideal for people who are struggling to gain visibility for their business. As a part of this module, you get to learn the right strategies that will not only help you generate leads but will also convert them into paying customers. Here, Pete follows a personalized approach. Instead of sharing generic guidelines, he discusses the various niche businesses. That way, you have a solid plan that works perfectly well with your business and audience.

Module 5: The fifth module is the second part of the fourth module where Pete teaches how to transform your leads to paying users/customers. He offers guidelines for both online and offline businesses. As with the other modules, this module is useful, comprehensive and extremely detailed. I was especially impressed by the second lesson (in this module) where Pete gives you a complete walkthrough on the approach you should follow while talking with meeting planners. He suggests you to ask them if you can offer something for free. According to Pete, this will serve as the foundation of your funnel which will soon lead to other offers. In another lesson, Pete asks you to concentrate on the pre-game where you take some time to have a discussion with your planner much before the actual date of the event. Here, he talks about getting the planners pepped up about your talk. As per Pete, one of the easiest ways to do this is by reminding them that you are willing to offer a free gift during or after the event. This will keep the planners driven and they will make sure you get enough stage time to connect with your audience.

Module 6: This module is called the Business Model of Speaking’ and it is extremely unique both in its approach and content. In this module, you will get to know how exactly you can connect with your meeting planner. This way, you understand what they are expecting and end up delivering exactly that on stage. The result: more stages. Yes, according to Pete, connecting with your meeting planner better will help you land maximum stages, which as we all know, is profitable for your business. The module includes various sections. Some of the most notable ones discuss the ways you can land a stage, the strategies you need to follow to get inside your meeting planner’s mind, the objections most meeting planners have, the major areas of meeting planning, the business model you should follow while speaking. The module also includes two different lessons about online and offline stages. Additionally, Pete also provides a checklist you can rely on, before heading for a discussion with your meeting planner.

I was really impressed by this module because it taught me how it felt like to consider things from the perspective of the meeting planner. In the third lesson, Pete made it perfectly clear that it is necessary to understand the objections your event planner might have, even before you approach them. It also gave me the confidence to reach out to these planners. Before using this program, I had no clue that speakers and business owners could directly connect with the planners to check if they can get a gig. I also loved the checklists as they are incredibly useful when you are looking to land multiple stages. The guidelines offered in this module are extremely practical and Pete follows his classic, simple approach to make things easier for amateurs like me.

Module 7: This module is called Winning Stages’, and it is probably one of the most useful modules of this program. Many people tend to directly skip to this module after checking out the first two ones. I wouldn’t recommend this approach. Since this is the final module, you should only use this when you have already taken the previous lessons in the earlier modules. Remember, each module is equally important in paving your way towards higher profits and unprecedented success in business. In this module, Pete talks about the various ways you should follow to get your much-coveted’ stage. He also talks about how you can establish a winning campaign and customize it according to your will.

One of the biggest highlights of this module is Pete’s Research Workbook. As evident from the name itself, this workbook will serve as your spreadsheet for getting stages, online and offline. While the previous module teaches you about the strategies that’ll help you get these stages and reach out to the right people; this module is all about assessing your outreach and then following it up for winning all the stages you’ve always looked forward to. This module also includes a strategy called BombBomb. This more of a video marketing tool that is tailored to drive your outreach.

In this final module, you also get to understand the concept of the Champion List. This is nothing but a list of people in your current industry. The catch: these are your close buddies who can eventually introduce with the right people who can get you more stages. I also loved Pete’s unique outreach program. This is a 30-day campaign that’ll use five different communication modes to tap in more audience. These modes include phones, emails, social media, videos, etc. The entire module boils down to a single thing: creating an entire list of stages that you are looking to land and running them via a customized month-long campaign. He breaks down the entire process, making it much simpler than it actually is.

Module 8: This is the concluding module of the program and it basically recapitulates everything you learned from the course. It wraps up the course with some useful lessons and a congratulatory message.


In addition to these useful and educational modules, you also get access to plenty of different bonuses as a part of this program. Here’s what you will get:

A workbook that teaches you the strategies to destroy your self-deprecative beliefs. Free access to the replay of the live event Networking with Purpose’.A detailed course on affiliate marketing.Access to the swipe files for Affiliate recruiting.A checklist for your Affiliate promo plan.Access to the List Launch Challenge program. Access to the No List No Problem’ program. Referral programs.Bonus modules for story, stage, and scale.A group coaching session with Pete and Pat for eight long weeks.

These bonuses are worth much more than the course itself. However, Pete is offering them for free in a bid to assist you to build and market your skills better. By the time you’ve completed the course, you will have a clearer insight into everything you wanted to know about getting an audience through on-stage marketing.

Customer Support

This is yet another underlying feature of this product. Once you sign up for this course, you can connect with the customer support professionals as need be. The biggest benefit: these experts are available 24X7 to assist you. I used both the live chat and the telephonic conversations, and the agent guiding me seemed knowledgeable and extremely approachable. If you are a first-timer like me, you’d probably need some help figuring out the modules. In this event, these experts will guide and assist you through and through.

Bottom Line

Since you have now come at the end of our Stage to Scale Review, you probably know at this point how speaking can enhance your business. The Stage to Scale program will help you master the right speaking skills so that you get to establish a solid presence for your business. This will result in higher profits and better business. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Stage to Scale Program right away and scale up your business like you always wanted. This program will not just drive profits but will also help you establish a better presence among your target audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Stage to Scale (s2s) Method? 

The Stage to Scale Method (S2S) is  a Signature Digital Program – and teaches Pete Vargas complete system over 8-weeks.

The 8 modules are broken up into action-oriented, bite-sized segments, so its easy for your community to consume and take action. Each video has 1 action step, and when they are all complete, our complete system is implemented! YES! The students get their Signature Talk done, their campaign to win stages on-demand built, and even build their scaling offer.

What is the Price of Stage to Scale?

It’s one payment of $1,997 or you can pay with a payment plan if you prefer.

Is Stage To Scale Legit?

100% Yes. Peter Vargas is a well known industry leader with hundreds of presentations on stages.

Can you make money with Stage to Scale Method?

If you put to use what is taught during the program, you can make your money back and much more by selling digital courses with  online webinars and live stages, Pete has hundreds of students  that are successful following his methods.


Net 30 days from purchase date.

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