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An In-Depth Review of ClickBank Breaks the Internet

Being a renowned platform of affiliate marketing, ClickBank has built up trust among sellers and affiliate marketers in the last two decades. Dealing with a wide range of digital products, the platform links up sellers and buyers, majorly with the help of affiliate marketers. After a sale has gone through, merchants get their share while the affiliate marketers earn their commissions.

This may seem a simple and straightforward way of earning money through affiliate marketing, right? However, a lot of marketers have struggled to make consistent income on the platform due to stiff competition and a lack of knowledge.

Therefore, to help you avoid major pitfalls and mistakes that these marketers make, ClickBank Breaks the Internet is a great course and training package you can use.

To help you learn more about this course, here is our honest ClickBank Breaks the Internet Review.

What Is ClickBank Breaks the Internet?

This is a training program offered by Justin Atlan, a renowned partner with ClickBank. It is designed to help affiliate marketers and suppliers learn more about how to earn money with ClickBank.

This training course is an upgrade of two previous programs- ClickBank University and ClickBank University 2.0.

As we mentioned earlier, this course was authored by Justin Atlan, a popular marketer on the ClickBank, who has earned millions through the platform. He now shares his knowledge through this training course to help other marketers become experts as well. The two previous courses he has offered have received numerous positive reviews, and ClickBank Breaks the Internet is already gathering pace.

What’s more, you don’t need to have prior knowledge of using ClickBank as this course is organized in a step-by-step manner. The course includes training materials and software that will help to increase conversion and sales.

In other words, ClickBank Breaks the Internet teaches you how to do research on the platform and spot a gap you can fill by creating a digital product. You also get to learn how to market products through a sales funnel and website that you are assisted in building. This course also teaches you how to do affiliate marketing.

Let’s talk about the course package;

What Is Included In ClickBank Breaks the Internet?

There are several products included in this course;

1.ClickBank University Premium

This program teaches you how to make money on ClickBank by;

Creating your own digital products and selling them on ClickBank

Promoting other people’s products/brands and earning a commission either through affiliate marketing or ads on social media

2.ClickBank Builder Software

This is a software that was created by ClickBank to help product owners develop sales funnels and websites to promote and sell their products online. It is easy to use thanks to the drag-n-drop feature.

3.Auto Webinar Funnel

This is a software that will help you create automated webinar funnels that you can use to promote your products or other people’s products from ClickBank. It helps you to earn passive income as a product owner or commissions as an affiliate marketer.

About the Price

To get lifetime access to this course, you can pay a one-time price of $2,497, or you can go the installments way and pay for the course in three phases of $997 each. There are a few bonuses you will get, such as Pro-Courses on how to drive traffic to your website and WebinarXPro to help you boost your sales through webinars.

The initial cost might seem high, but the comprehensive nature of this course makes it worth the money. The knowledge you will get from this course can help you earn great commissions as an affiliate and massive income as a product owner. In other words, ClickBank Breaks the Internet course offers you an opportunity to learn from a pro so that you can become a pro affiliate marketer or supplier.

Pros and Cons


It is about making digital products and doing affiliate marketing, both of which are legit and great ways of making money online

Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t find the course worth the money

The course is created by a renowned marketer hence genuine

You are given software for creating automated webinar funnels to help you earn passive income


It is quite expensive and unaffordable for most aspiring affiliates

The training course is majorly focused on promoting products from ClickBank and thus quite limited

Final Thoughts; Is ClickBank Breaks The Internet Worth The Money?

The fact that this course is an upgrade of the two famous courses makes it genuine and worth the money. It is a great course we can recommend to anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing and creating digital products that will sell on ClickBank.