A Review of Tauribot By Dr. Steven Archer

Tauribot is a new binary trading software made by Dr. Steven Archer, a former self confessed “horrible salesman” who has found the secret to making a seven figure income by using binary options trading.

Binary options are a form of trading where you purchase either a “put” option or a “call” option. You can trade indicies, stocks, commodities and forex using binary options. If you think that the value of the thing you are investing in will increase, you choose the “call” option. If you think that the value of the investment will fall, you choose the “put” option.

Binary options trading is relatively easy to learn. You are trading on the market, rather than trying to predict exactly what is going on in the market – this means that you only have to worry about broad trends. Dr. Steven Archer figured out how to do this effectively on a consistent basis, and he is releasing his software to a limited number of people so that they can enjoy success too.

About The Systemtauribot-review

Called the Profit Hacker system, this new trading software uses Dr. Steven Archer’s innovative Binary Options Trading system which exploits patterns in the market. Everything that the system does is legal, and yet it uses trends and knowledge that so many other traders have overlooked for years. This is your chance to get in on a market that is still developing and maturing, and make a fortune, just like the early pioneers in the Forex and Equities markets did so many years ago.


Dr. Steven Archer promises that you can make a seven figure profit in under three months using his system. The system is almost completely automated. As long as you have a reasonably modern Windows based PC and a fast internet connection you can just set off the software and be given information about trades. You can start with as much or as little money as you like, and grow your funds rapidly over time.

When the system was in beta, Dr. Steven Archer gave a small, select group of people access to it, and the results speak for themselves, with most of those beta testers making more than $200,000 – and many of them making more than $1 million in their limited time with the software. Some of the beta testers have made six figures in just a couple of weeks of trading, which bodes well for their financial futures.

No Knowledge Required

Unlike traditional forex trading systems which require good knowledge of how the markets work and extensive training in platforms such as Meta Trader 4, anyone who can follow some simple setup instructions can get started with Cristofer’s software. The software will predict the moves of the market using Dr. Steven Archer’s proprietary system, and you do not need to spend hours number-crunching to take advantage of that information. In fact, the trading can be configured to happen on auto-pilot.

Because you are trading binary options rather than individual currencies, there are fewer things that can go wrong. You don’t have to worry about detailed fundamental or technical analysis – you can simply run the software and let it work its magic.


This tauribot review is being released to a very small audience. At the time of writing, there were fewer than ten copies of the software up for sale. This could be considered a good thing in that it means only a limited number of people will be using the system. Markets are good at correcting themselves and if Dr. Steven Archer’s system became common knowledge it would no longer work. However, the limited availability is also a bad thing because it means that if you wait too long you could miss out on getting your copy.

Another downside is that the system is published in electronic form only, and Dr. Steven Archer does not offer much information about the inner workings of his trading software. You have to put a lot of trust in him to use it. The proof of effectiveness is there, but it would be nice to know more about the methodology so that if the software ever stops working you will have the knowledge to continue trading by yourself.


It is only natural to be skeptical of the idea that a trading bot could help someone to make millions in just a few months, but that is exactly what Dr. Steven Archer has achieved. Of course, as with any other trading system or bot, past performance does not guarantee future success. The trading bot has proven effective so far, however, and that is enough to convince me that it is well worth a look. If you are interested in trying this new software, you will have to move quickly because Dr. Steven Archer is limiting the number of people that he will release it to. Get in today for a head start on beating the brokers.

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